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Notepad++ 7.8.3

Notepad replacement that is well designed for editing code

by Bob Thornton

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Based on 10 ratings
License: Freeware
Operating Systems: Windows 10, Windows 7 (32 bit), Windows 8, Windows XP

Languages: English
Software Cost: Free
Date Updated: 16 January 2020
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Downloads To Date: 43968
Developer: Notepad++ Team
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Notepad++ 7.8.1
Notepad++ can be used to make notes or edit code

While the Notepad tool bundled with Windows is fine for making quick text notes, for anything more than this it is somewhat lacking in features. There is always the option of using a word processor for creating more in depth documents, but sometimes a middle ground is needed - this is the gap that Notepad++ has been designed to fill.

The program has a small footprint and is quick to load, and while it has been designed as a replacement for Notepad, it has a great deal more to offer. The tabbed interface makes it possible to work with multiple documents simultaneously without the need to open several instances of the program and simple touches such as line numbering and syntax highlighting make it ideal for programmers editing code.

Notepad++ can be used to record and playback macros, and sections of large documents can be bookmarked for easy access. The program recognising a range of different coding styles, from C++ and Java to HTML and Perl and multiple documents can be viewed at the same time for the purposes of comparison, or a document can be cloned ready for editing while retaining the original version.

This is a hugely versatile tool which will prove incredibly useful for any coder, but also operates well as a more powerful text editor.

What's new in 7.8.3 (see release notes for more)?

- Add the “Expand All”, “Fold All” and “Select/Show current editing file” capacity into Folder as Workspace.
- Fix restoring line position issue while document is wrapped.
- Improve Json syntax highlighting.
- Make filling find field of Find dialog with selected word(s) optional.
- Make doSaveOrNot dialog simpler when there’s a single file to save.
- Fix auto-insert {[“”]} imbrication not working issue.
- Make cmd cli (for “Open Containing Folder in cmd”) customizable.
- Prevent from setting Updater’s Proxy as Notepad++ is not in Admin mode.
- Disable file association settings when Notepad++’s no admin right.
- Fix incremental search bar “highlight all” option not conserved bug.
- Enhance SQL syntax highlighting (add 2 more keyword lists).
- Fix too small buffer issue during add text macro playback.
- Fix “Close All Unchanged” not working issue for sub-view.
- Eliminate garbage displaying in Find-result fold margin.


A fast and lean Notepad replacement that can be put to a variety of uses

Your Comments & Opinion

Posted by: Shyam Reddy, 02 January 2012 14:13

Excellent replacement to notepad. Have been using it since couple of years. Never needed to look for anything else. Constantly updated. Thanks to the author.


Posted by: Stephen, 15 May 2011 10:19

It used to be great but after installing a new version on XP, I was getting errors that came down to a common plugin. The only fix was to delete the plugin. When I upgraded to Win 7, I gave Notepad++ another try and this time got a different error every time it started. All very disappointing.

PSPad seems similar and has worked for me without errors. I use that and Gedit now.

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